Milestone Institute of
Professional Studies (MIPS)

is a non-profit, quality conscious and trend-setting institute

With focus on providing equal opportunities for development of human potentials of every segment of Society including the differentiated one. The Institute has been established through the dedicated and selfless endeavour of educationists and social workers who are deeply concerned with the standards of education and are determined to upgrade the quality, content and direction of education. The Institute is...

Chairman's Message

The world is shrinking. The corporate world even more so. Economies across the globe are quickly integrating into a mega world economy. In this era of strategic alliances, joint ventures and unpredictable market conditions

Principal's Message

While assuming the captaincy of this college ie Milestone Institute of Professional Studies Ghaziabad, I am overwhelmed by awe feelings of reverence and gratitude. Heading this college as a principal offers a really big